This motivational artist delivers an impact to our young leaders of tomorrow that moves not only students, but teachers like no other speaker.

In the lead-up to this weekend’s race, Warrior Ric was invited to speak at 10 of the Lowveld primary and high schools to share his brand of inspiration that has been known to transform individuals and organisations from around the world.

He believes that today’s society finds young people falling prey to the distractions of an over-communicated society inundated with technology, and complicated by single parenting and poor leadership.

“If we spend more time with our children and young adults, the next generation will be in a better position to get through the potholes we’ve experienced as parents and teachers.”

He knows that the short time he spends with pupils is an opportunity to engage with them in ways teachers can’t. He envies the patience and consistency demonstrated by teachers who choose to grind regularly in order to make sure they do not fail their students.

However, Warrior Ric’s moving motivational messages coupled with a teacher’s painstaking consistency forges a uniquely potent combination towards learners avoiding pitfalls, and supports the advancement of leaders, and not just scholars.

“When we encourage our children to get off the couch and play in the great outdoors, we all benefit.”