There are so many factors to consider in terms of goal setting for health and wellness. Especially when you look at health beyond the physical to include the all-important mental and spiritual well-being. So, there isn’t just one solution to a myriad of goals at the start, nor during the challenges along the way.

However, without my ‘#1 go-to-move’ it is unlikely you’ll start, even more doubtful that you’ll maintain and most probable that you’ll not finish. My ‘#1 go-to-move’ is the mental reminder that ‘I am great!’ Not ‘good,’ okay,’ ‘alright,’ ‘can’t complain,’ ‘I’m surviving…’ ‘fine,’ ‘cool…’ or even, ‘I could be better.’ These responses sound familiar? You should answer, “’I am great’ because ‘He is great!’” We are made in the likeness of the Creator, that deems us great. Not by deeds, or accolades or status. Simply, ‘great’ by nature.

The spirit is infinite, so it supersedes and encompasses the mental and the physical. In order to lead with a spirit of success, you must condition the mental. You’ve heard, “Faith without works is dead.” Or how about, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Although the spirit may be fired up to take the lead initially in creating and delivering on your plan, you have to be able to shut down the mental barriers of ‘I can’t’ that often pop up along your journey.

Start each day with, ‘I am great,’ and allow the spirit to do great things in your life by confirming on a regular basis, ‘I can.’ And finally, allow the physical to fail in order to learn, but also to help make the starting easier. Just think, if you only started once you could be assured 100% guaranteed success in the end, you would never ever start. Waiting to get all your ducks in a row? Let me share a secret with you… Nothing is guaranteed in life! But if you start with a will to win, you will either win, learn or both!

Affirming you are great each day also unleashes an energy and spirit that attracts other people on a mission, and who can support you in your practice of greatness. How many pull-ups, laps or kilometers need not be limited to self-determination or personal will. An ambitious Cross Fitter can smash a WOD, a determined sprinter can win her heat, a disciplined boxer can knockout his opponent, but with a trusted partner or team on the same mission, we can achieve much greater things, and especially when the challenges become harder to bear because of the confidence and adrenalin brought on by like-minded teammates. That is why training with a coach, personal trainer, friend or love interest is so powerfully effective… to start, maintain and finish a winner!

Overcoming fear of any challenge takes courage. However, if you relied on your physical strength alone, you’d never grow into your full potential. If you relied on sheer will and determination of the mind you would run out of steam. The key to successfully achieving any goal is that spirit of believing in yourself. …Believing in what I consider my first and ‘#1 go-to-move’ that you are great!

So, the next time someone asks, “How you doin’?” Why not try, “I am great!”

Be Great. Be Brave. Be More.

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