There is so much turmoil in the world today. However, when we get bogged down in the rut of news and negativity, we fail not only ourselves, but our future. A focus on our youth is an investment that pays dividends for all of us. I have been called to reach out to the next generation of leaders on several occasions, and this year was no different. Notably, BTG’s (Be That Guy / Girl) founded by musician, Jo Black and run by life coach, Willem Engelbrecht, is an organisation focused on inspiring the youth with a message of hope. Rooted in the Christian faith we share, I had the pleasure to open Hope Week sessions in Gauteng for several schools to touch teachers and students in order to help them overcome the vicious cycle of bad news by sharing the ‘good news.’

From the classrooms to the playing fields, our young people need to know how to use their mind and body for greatness. USN’s Call-Up Camp, now in its third year, asked me to join the coaches once again for my unique brand of inspiration. While some of South Africa’s top rugby coaches delivered their technical expertise and general experience, I opened for Early B’s mini concert with a message of Ubuntu followed by an early wake up session – Wake Up with WarriorRic.