EQ-Fin is a division of Liberty that has recently partnered with Standard Bank. The CEO, Jeff Paul, called on me to prepare a keynote address to support the theme #ClaimIt for their annual kickoff meeting for their agents and partners at the Indaba Conference Centre in Johannesburg. This is a comeback year for EQ-Fin looking to better the numbers from 2019 (pre-COVID) by supporting the unique needs of their customers. I was thrilled to take on the challenge to speak to a large room packed with sales oriented business folks poised to claim their desired destiny.

I opened with excerpts from the educator and business leadership guru, Simon Sinek’s book “The Infinite Game.” I encouraged them to look at staying in the game for the long haul instead of focusing solely on meeting targets this quarter or for the year. I tried to give them the mantra I live by that I learned from Nelson Mandela that taught me that I can never lose. “You either win or learn.” I wanted to instill in them the fact that incentives and rewards are by-products of strategic alignment and hard work.

I finished my segment with how to unleash one’s ‘inner warrior’ in order to allow them to run their race over a long period of time. I showed the audience how to maintain energy and will to overcome adversity in order to stay resilient as only a warrior can.

At the end of my spiel, Jeff returned to the stage picking up on one of my adages that included a story about singing every time I step into my favorite Mug & Bean coffee shop. He requested that I give the audience a sample of my singing, so I was forced to oblige. Click onto the link to get a taste of the fun and vulnerability of being called out on stage in front of a crowd!

Thanks Jeff and EQ-Fin for allowing me to share my gift! All the best for 2023!