USN’s Call-Up Camp is a rugby camp for South Africa’s young rugby enthusiasts and athletes looking to join the ranks of the national Springboks team, but more importantly to become tomorrow’s leaders. WarriorRic is privileged to use his unique style of inspiration and motivation to fire up the boys to endure the pressures on and off the gridiron of rugby. As a mind performance coach, WarriorRic is deployed as a complement to the professional rugby coaches as a strategic weapon for the boys to change their mindsets from lack to abundance, from weak to strong, from sluggish to agile and from can’t to can! Where few may become Springboks, all leave Call-Up Camp better equipped to find their purpose in life.

USN’s Call-Up Camp is held at Camp Discovery in the beautiful Dinokeng Reserve approximately 50 kms north of Pretoria. The camp is designed for primary and high school student athletes from around the country. It boasts some of the best coaches from around the country, including coaches with an impressive resume containing a long list of rugby teams, including the Springboks, SA Rugby’s professional teams, as well as the National SA School Body.

Click on the link below to experience the WarriorRic energy during one of the sunrise warm-up sessions to kick-off a busy day filled with a myriad of rugby drills, coaching and recreational activities that include game viewing on the reserve.

Click on the link below to witness how WarriorRic enables the power of the spirit to make the body move with purpose.