Always thrilled to speak to the youth of South Africa, WarriorRic leaped at the chance to speak with the students of PolyTech Africa studying Robotics Engineering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) sector. At the academy, these post-matriculants receive the theoretical and practical knowledge to be certified. ElectroMechanica and PolyTech Africa provide the necessary tools for them to be skilled and to be placed in well sought after positions.

WarriorRic delivered his brand of inspiration that spoke to leadership. He emphasised not settling for money or fame, but honour and respect. Because so many of the students arrive on bursaries and from families of little means it is easy for them to be lured by money in the short term, whereas if they would amass additional credentials with the academy and similar reputable firms, they could easily surpass the status quo in salary, benefits and future opportunities.

After the talk, WarriorRic and Managing Director of PolyTech Africa, Astrid Staussner, led the students out for a proposed 5km run that was shortened by a roadblock that did not allow access into an estate that would have delivered the necessary mileage. In the end, they all broke a sweat and the message of wellness, (mind, body and spirit) came through loud and clear because of the practical experience shared together.