It’s been said that you are only as good as your last job. However, sometimes how good you are is not dependent on a job, but a conversation, and it can be from over a decade ago. That was WarriorRic’s recent experience in booking a job with Suzuki and Volvo as a speaker to inspire salespeople. Sydsen, a well respected sales training, recruitment, CRM and media company called on Ric to spice up the sales training for both brands looking to make waves in a post COVID market.

This was the first face-to-face training since pre-Lockdown measures, and the brands wanted to make the re-engagements special. Suzuki had come off record sales led by their popular Jimney and anticipate the same uptake of their small cargo vehicle, the Eeco and the luxurious Grand Vittara. Volvo’s commitment to leading the future in electrical vehicles continues to push innovation without excuses that often become the order of the day in a difficult economy and where scarcity rules the airwaves and mindsets of potential buyers.

While Peter Viljoen and his team at Sysden led the theoretical and practical sales training, WarriorRic delivered on the EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Social Intelligence) aimed at engaging several diverse audiences of dealerships from across the country and including Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana.The theme centred around Ubuntu “I am because we are.” WarriorRic persuaded the audience to see the value of themselves as individuals, the importance of their colleagues and how the value chain extends to deliver the best for the customer. The response was electric (pun intended) with Volvo, and Suzuki was able to create potential new and open avenues of discovery with each other and for their customers as they planned to return to their respective dealerships transformed.