Hoerskool Centurion is a well known high school in Tshwane for high achievers. It has produced talented actors, athletes and academics. However, what goes unnoticed in schools like Hoerskool Centurion is what we often cannot see.

Mental health is so vital to our everyday lives as students, teachers and as parents. We often battle with constant pressures from exams, broken homes and financial woes that, if left unchecked, can break us. Keeping in mind that many of our current Grade 10s and 11s had already entered their high school journey isolated and fearful because of COVID, it is not always easy for us to understand the impact of years of interrupted schooling. Whatever advice that students received in primary school became obsolete because of the immense change that took place after 2019.

WarriorRic was invited to lead a Mental Wellness campaign at Hoerskool Centurion alongside Headboy Zak Broekman and other enthusiastic student leaders in order to build awareness around mental health, and to learn how to take action for oneself or for a classmate. The Mental Fitness with WarriorRic campaign was a three-session series and included “Be That Hero’s” Willem Engelbrecht and his brother, popular singer / songwriter Jo Black. As well, Rickus of Radio Raps (aka Jonathon) contributed a video to share with the school about his personal experience with mental health and how to win in life.